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Egmont Seeds

Phone 06 751 2263
Fax 06 751 4463
Physical address N/A
Postal address P.O. Box 674
New Plymouth
New Zealand
Egmont Seeds is a privately owned New Zealand company based in New Plymouth. Egmont Seeds was established in 1996 as a commercial supplier to the Nursery Industry. We are the largest supplier of flower seed to commercial nurseries, cut-flower growers and local bodies in New Zealand and also a major supplier of vegetable and herb seed to the New Zealand nursery trade.

In 2002 Egmont Seeds extended their market share by introducing packet seeds for the home grower. Using the same high quility products that in the past have only been available to the commercial sector.

We continue to trial new and exciting seed products and add those that meet our quility standards to our range, thus allowing our customers an ever expanding product range.

Our aim is to include a great range of unique, unusual or “hard to come by” seed lines that we know you as a keen gardener are keen to try your hand at. Wherever possible we try to offer you the most modern breeding available. We are confident that we’ve included something for everyone and do encourage you to “have a go” at trying to grow some of those beautiful and interesting items that pose a challenge. Also included is a Cultural Information Chart that gives that extra bit of help to ensure success with some of the more “challenging” items.
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