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Design & Planting

We have sourced out some of the best gardeners that can help you with your design and planting in New Zealand. Through user feedback and our research we have list of garden designers and planters that will change the look and feel of your gardens. 

These designers have been in the industry and know what works and what to keep away from. through experience and local gardening knowledge, they will able to help you get the best out of your home gardens.  


Garden Care

Garden care is one of the most important things when it comes to home gardens in New Zealand. Don’t let all your handwork and money go down the drain. We have locals experts that can take care of your garden care.

Through customer reviews and our own research we have sourced out list of garden care experts that will care for your garden like its their own. They have been in the business of garden care for long time and know their stuff. 


Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation and drainage is one of the secretes of home gardens in New Zealand. Get this right and your garden will stand out from the rest. Different plants require different irrigation and drainage methods and we have experts that will help you get this right for your home garden.

Through customer feedback and our own team research we have sourced out few locals that know all about irrigation and drainage when it comes to home gardens. Use their knowledge and experience and make your garden stand out from the rest.  

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