Growing Avocados The Easy Way

Avocados are healthy and delicious but can be on the expensive side to buy. But did you know that you can grow an avocado from the stone in the middle of an avocado purchased from the shop?

All you need to do is put it suspended over a jar of water with just one end in the water and once it has sprouted, transfer it to a pot until it grows too big for the pot. Avocados are quite large trees so make sure you have the space to grow it.

Alternatively, if you want to grow avocados without sprouting from the stone, get a grafted Avocado tree from a garden centre. Hass is the most common variety of avocado and is the one you will find in supermarkets these days but ‘Reed’ is a smaller tree, better for home gardens.

Growing avocado in New Zealand

Your avocados should ripen throughout the year apart from a short time in early winter. They are very healthy being rich in monosaturated oils as well as vitamins A and B, and are low in sugar and cholesterol.

The Avocado trees likes all-day sun, and some protection from wind and frost and they don’t like soil that is too wet. It takes a while to start reaping rewards from your harvest with the first fruit occurring around three or four years after planting. But it is worth the wait as a 7-year-old grafted Avocado tree can bear more than 200 fruit annually. At around $2 an avo, that is a big saving each year!