Three Lettuces - Keeping vegetables for longer

Three identical lettuces were purchased at the same time and stored for ten days in three different ways. Check out the methods and results!

From left to right:

1. Stored at room temperature

2. Stored in the fridge.

3. Stored in a cup of water like cut flowers.

Keeping vegetables for longer

Comments From Our Users

  • Hey cool, that is awesome! I’m surprised I didn’t think to try that.. Its still alive and green! I wonder why people put it in the fridge?
  • Yes, that is very cool indeed. Yesterday I set up a little benchtop garden in our tiny kitchen. I’ve got glasses and jars with water up there next to the window with all the stuff I bought from the supermarket yesterday: brocolli, basil, corriander and celery. Will see how it goes.
  • Just buy the lettuce 10 days later when you are ready to eat it and it will look and taste the best of the lot !